Simulator Fleet

Our state-of-the-art simulators are meticulously overseen by experienced engineers and skilled technicians. These professionals bring their extensive knowledge and technical expertise to ensure optimal functionality and precise simulation results. Thanks to their expertise, we can provide the best possible conditions for effective and reliable training.

Full Flight Simulator

Boeing B737 NG

Simulator Manufacturer Thales, England
In Service Date November 1999
Aircraft Model 737-800
Registration (Master Aircraft) YC003
Product No. Motorola 604 Power PC RISC Multi Processor System
Simulator Host Computer C90, 6 DOF, digital, hydrostatic
Motion System hydraulic, Series 500, 6 DOF, digital
Control Loading digital, hydrostatic
Engine Version General Electric CFM 56-7B (27K)
Auto Flight System Honeywell SP300 (-7 FCC, -710 software)
Flight Management System Dual FMC, General Electrics, Load 10.8A, simulated (re-targeted)
TCAS II Collins (software solution)
EGPWS Honeywell (hardware)
ADIRUHoneywell (software)
Common Display System (CDS) Honeywell, Blockpoint 06, simulated (re-targeted)
Visual System Manufacturer Rockwell Collins
Type of Image Generator EP-8100
Type of Display TTS Wide Mirror 180x40 deg FOV, JVC VS2300 Beamer
Illumination Levels Day/Dusk/Night/Dawn
Number of Airport Scenes more than 90
Display2 x 19" color graphic LCDs with touch sensitive overlays
ComputerSilicon Graphics Indy Workstation
Printer/Plotter Laser printer outside simulator
Number of Malfunctions about 350, all abnormal checklists are covered
Automated Training Lessons available on request, Profile mode
Predictive Windshear Scenarios various profiles available (Microburst)
Non-Predictive Windshear
various windshear profiles for T/O and Landing available
(including FAA)
TCASscenarios for all types of Traffic and Resolution Advisories
ATISDigital Voice System
VideoDVD Ram
Smoke Simulation Yes
Common Display System original OPC-disk with all available options can be loaded (i.e. X-bar / V-bar) Vertical Situation Display (VSD) available
FMCall FMC pins and OPC options available (i.e. various T/O thrust ratings) individual FMC-Nav-Databases can be loaded for each customer
Autoflightall FCC pins available
EGPWCall strapping available (i.e. callouts)
Additional capability UPRT/High altitude stall event/Icing/Full Stall according to CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2
German LBA JAA Level D, annually, according to JAR-STD 1A Amendment 1, Zero FlightTime, EASA-ID DE-1A-001
Flugsimulator Boeing B737 800 (NG)

Boeing 737 MAX

Ready for training in Q3 2024.


Fixed Based Simulator

FNPT II Alsim A250

Simulator Manufacturer:ALSIM
Date in Service:November 2022
Aircraft Powerplant & Model Data:Generic Multi Engine Piston Aeroplane
Motion Axis, Type:---
Control loading:ALSIM Electric Force Feel
Display Configuration:3 Channels 180° X 35°
Qualification:CS-FSTD(A) issue 2 FNPT II
Instrument Fit:Garmin GTN 650 xi GPS analog & EFIS instrumentation (2 Monitors)


FNPT II Piper PA44 Seminole

Simulator Manufacturer:Mechtronix Systems Inc.
Date in Service:Febuary 2007
Aircraft Powerplant & Model Data:Lycoming O-360-A1H6
Motion Axis, Type:---
Control loading:Digital Electrical C/L System
Display Configuration:3 Channels 150° x 35° field of view
Qualification:FNPT II (JAR-STD 3A)
Instrument Fit:FR analog with HSI
2-way axis autopilot with altitude hold
2 x Garmin GNS 430

Flugsimulator Piper PA 44 Seminole FNPT II

FNPT II MCC / FTD Beech 200

Simulator Manufacturer:Mechtronix Systems Inc.
Date in Service:January 1999
Aircraft Powerplant & Model Data:Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42
Motion Axis, Type:---
Control loading:MSI Active Force Feel
Display Configuration:3 Channels 150° x 35° field of view
Qualification:FTD 2 (JAR-STD 2A)
Instrument Fit:Generic EFIS (ADI/HSI)
2 x Garmin GNS 430
Conventional instrumentation

Beech King Air 200 FNPT II