Simulator NewsFNPT II & Instructor Station

The New FNPT II Trainer for IR Training Has Arrived

Ordered in the first quarter of 2022 and now delivered, our new FNPT II is here and already set up. This training device by ALSIM, named AL250, simulates a twin-engine aircraft, specifically the Piper PA44 Seminole. It’s ideal for us as we also use this aircraft in practical flight training. The transition for our trainees to the actual aircraft is therefore minimal.

ALSIM AL250 FNPT IIFlexible Use in Training

Another advantage is the flexible display of avionics. It’s possible to switch between classic round instrumentation and a modern glass cockpit at the press of a button. This is very practical for us, as RWL plans to upgrade all twin-engine aircraft to the more modern glass cockpit in the future, allowing us to use both versions during this transition period.

Beyond Necessary Display Quality

The view system is created through three projectors, offering such comprehensive imaging that even minor details are perfectly reproduced. While not necessary for training, it adds great enjoyment and creates an incredibly realistic training environment.